How to Add a Phone Number to Your Website’s Header

In the general options in your Thrive Themes settings, you can easily add a phone number and a tap-to-call number to your website’s header area. Here’s how:

1) Set the “Header Phone” option to “ON”.

2) Add your phone number to the “Header Phone Number” field.

3) Add a line of text you want to display above the phone number in the “Header Phone Text” field. This should be your call to action, where you encourage your visitors to pick up the phone and call you. Note that space is very limited in the header. We recommend that you keep this call to action very short, so that it doesn’t break on to two lines (use the “Preview” function below to test different text lengths).

4) Add a line of text for the mobile version of the phone number. On mobile phones, the phone number will be shown in the main navigation drop-down, since there isn’t enough space in the header, on a small screen. The phone number will be shown as a tap-to-call button, so visitors can start a phone call very easily. You can show the same text on desktop and mobile versions of the site (just copy-paste the text from above) or you can choose to display a different call to action on mobile devices.

5) Choose the color for the mobile tap-to-call button. You can also click on the “Preview” link to see what both the default and the mobile version of the header phone number will look like.

When you are satisfied with the result, don’t forget to click the “Save All Changes” button at the bottom of the settings page, to add the new phone number to your site’s header.

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