Key elements

Your website is built from 4 main elements. They are:

  • The WordPress dashboard
  • Thrive Content Builder
  • Events module
  • Appointments Module

This help and training section is designed to give you a big picture overview so you can understand how everything works and can start customising your site.

Some of the training material is contained within this site​ and sometimes you will be directed offsite to the help documentation of the specific element so if you ever get lost just come back here.

Remember that support or help  for any element of your website must be accessed through​ the forums on this site. You are not eligible for support directly from the providers of specific website elements like the Thrive content builder or Appointments+

1. The WordPress Dashboard

Your website is built within the WordPress platform. It is a very powerful an stable platform which drives millions of websites.

2. The Thrive Content Builder

The Thrive content builder is the fastest, most intuitive front-end visual editor for WordPress. It allows you to directly see the changes that you are making. You can also easily use the content builder to create new pages for your website.

You will mainly be using the Thrive content builder to customise the text and images of your website.

Thrive content builder tutorial videos​

This link will open a new page and take you offsite

You do not need to watch the videos about activating your plugin or licence.

3. The Events Manager Module

The most popular Events Management plugin for WordPress quickly and easily allows you to create events, accept bookings, and manage attendees.

4. The Appoints Manager Module

Appointments + is the most comprehensive bookings plugin available for WordPress. Let customers book their own appointments and use Paypal to collect payments and deposits right out of the box.

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