Using a Text Logo Type

In Thrive Themes, in the general settings, you have a choice between displaying an image logo or a text logo:

Image Logo

When you first install a Thrive Theme, it will show the theme’s logo by default and the default logo is an image logo type. If you select the image type logo, you can click on the “upload” button, which will open the WordPress media manager. Here, you can either choose an existing image or upload a new one, which will be used as the logo.

You can also change the logo image size in the theme customizer. Click here to see the step-by-step process.

Text Logo

Set the logo type switch to “Text” if you don’t have or don’t want to use a graphical logo. In this case, you can enter the text you want to show in place of the logo, as well as the color the text should appear in.

If you select “Default” as a color choice, the logo text will be the same color as your main theme color scheme. E.g. if you chose the “blue” color scheme, then the logo text will be a matching shade of blue as well.

We recommend that you keep the logo text as short as possible, since a long logo text can conflict with the main navigation menu.

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